About Us

NUDGE DESIGN was launched in 2017 by us, Brian Ott and Philip Koske. We are passionate about our craft and wholly dedicated to demonstrating the importance of landscape architecture in modern life. With decades of design experience, we bring a deep understanding of site systems, horticulture, and human behavior. Because our personal time and attention are at the heart of every project, our team is sized to maximize accountability, craftsmanship, and service. Our design approach combines natural patterns of the landscape with basic principles of art. Landscapes are inherently changeable, and this approach helps maintain beauty over time.

Brian Ott PLA, LEED AP

email: brian.ott@nudgedesign.com
phone: 1+ (512) 415-5570

Brian has been immersed in Austin’s design and business communities since 1991. In managing Nudge Design, his focus is on the delivery of complex projects. Brian is also active in Austin’s nonprofit community, collaborating with organizations that seek to protect and enhance local landscapes, such as Hill Country Conservancy, The Trail Foundation, and others.

Philip Koske PLA, LEED AP

email: philip.koske@nudgedesign.com
phone: 1+ (512) 586-4630

Philip has worked on a wide range of public and private projects throughout Texas since 2003. With a hands-on approach, he focuses on the detailed design and delivery of projects. He pays careful attention to building materials, planting designs, and soil quality. Philip brings something relevant, inspired, and unexpected to each project.